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    English Current Affairs Quiz Part 2

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    In this blog we will talk about Current Affairs Quiz Part 2 and as we all know what is the importance of Current Affairs / Current Events in any government / competitive examination. It comes under the General Awareness partition of the examination. Now, we observed that every person have very busy schedule in today’s time. Even students are facing a hectic schedule of school/college and tuition classes. That’s why, it is a little bit difficult to take out time separately to read a book or newspaper to cover Current Affairs Quiz Part 2. So in the view of this problem, SarkaariBharti.in thought for solving it in an easy way.

    As a result, we created this website. So that, we can provide you the Current Affairs Quiz Part 2 and the upcoming days in an easy and uninterrupted manner through this website. Here’s we randomly bring 8 to 10 questions from the last week on daily basis. Which cover all aspects of current affairs / current events happening around us. such as politics, news, international events, etc.

    Current Affairs Quiz Part 2

    Why We Should Read Daily Current Affairs Quiz Part 2

    If you read these questions at daily basis. then you will be able to answer all the questions related to Current Affairs Quiz Part 2 and all current affairs coming in any government competitive exam. By using this website you can strengthen your knowledge of current affairs. Because we keep updating all the current affairs here in question format for your better practice.

    Current Affairs Quiz Part 2 – Daily Updates of 2024

    1. In 2015, world leaders signed the Paris Agreement, pledging to limit temperature increase to 1.5 C. Now, less than 10 years later, the world’s top climate scientists expect it to blast past that goal and head for at least 2.5 C. What is the benchmark era to compare these levels?
    2. Teenagers Calcea Johnson and Ne’Kiya Jackson have found valid proofs for a 2,000 year-old theorem using trigonometry. Remember how in right angled triangles, the sum of square of the third side, and name the theorem.
    3. At the Met Gala, Alia wore Sabyasachi Mindy wore Gaurav Gupta. Camila carried the coolest clutch, made of ice. With an hourglass clutch, South African musician Tyla’s Balmian dress was go gritty, She had to be carried up the steps. What was it made of?
    4. Pakistan had them in February. India is in its second phase. The US will have them in November. Brazil, Bangladesh, Indonesia, South Africa, Rwanda, Mexico, Panama and San Marino, the fifth smallest country, either finished or will have them this year. What?
    5. It’s a lachrymator that contains capsaicin as the active ingredient. It can temporarily disable a person. Women are encouraged to carry it for self-defense. The Karnataka High Court has now deemed it a dangerous weapon. Wipe those tears and name the item.
    6. Over 200 cabin crew called in sick and turned off their phones. Over 86 flights were disrupted. Employees of the low-cost subsidiary of the Indian flag carrier airline protested last week, after a round of layoffs and a change in the pay structure. Name the airline.
    7. In 2013, Arshad Warsi played Jagdish Tyagi. In 2017, Akshay Kumar replaced him as Jagdishwar Mishra. In the third movie, they’re both the titular character. But the Ajmer District Bar Association alleges the franchise disrespects the judiciary. Which film?
    8. Over the years, this Indian diary giant has sponsored the Durand Cup, the Indian Super League, IPL, WPL, St Moritz ice cricket, several men’s cricket teams. It will now sponsor USA and South Africa in the upcoming T20 world cup. From the Taste of India, to the taste of the world. Which brand?
    9. Ethan Zuckerman invented pop up ads on the internet. Aza Ruskin invented the infinite scroll that turned us into phone addicts. Geoffrey Hinton is considered the godfather of AI (Artificial Intelligence). How did they let us know that they’re not to happy with their role in this inventions?
    10. The Vasuki indicus fossil found in Gujrat measures 15m and is the longest that ever lived. It takes the record from the also extinct Titanboa that measures 13m. Records show that the longest living one can go up to 10m, and is not venomous. What are they?

    Current Affairs Quiz Part 2 : Topics Covered

    So, guys through this blog post Current Affairs Quiz Part 2, we covered some topics from further mentioned topics. Such as – Indian Politics, International Politics, International Relations, Sports, Environment, Economics, Information and Technology, Science, Medicine, Climate, Books, Authors, Awards, History, News, Entertainment, Automobiles, Government Documents etc.

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