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    English Current Affairs Quiz Part 4

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    In this blog we will talk about Current Affairs Quiz Part 4 and as we all know what is the importance of Current Affairs / Current Events in any government / competitive examination. It comes under the General Awareness partition of the examination. Now, we observed that every person have very busy schedule in today’s time. Even students are facing a hectic schedule of school/college and tuition classes. That’s why, it is a little bit difficult to take out time separately to read a book or newspaper to cover Current Affairs Quiz Part 4. So in the view of this problem, SarkaariBharti.in thought for solving it in an easy way.

    As a result, we created this website. So that, we can provide you the Current Affairs Quiz Part 4 and the upcoming days in an easy and uninterrupted manner through this website. Here’s we randomly bring 8 to 10 questions from the last week on daily basis. Which cover all aspects of current affairs / current events happening around us. such as politics, news, international events, etc.

    Current Affairs Quiz Part 4

    Why We Should Read Daily Current Affairs Quiz Part 4

    If you read these questions at daily basis. then you will be able to answer all the questions related to Current Affairs Quiz Part 4 and all current affairs coming in any government competitive exam. By using this website you can strengthen your knowledge of current affairs. Because we keep updating all the current affairs here in question format for your better practice.

    Current Affairs Quiz Part 4 – Daily Updates of 2024

    1. The town of Drumheller hoped to host the world’s largest group of people dressed as dinosaurs. But more than 3,000 folks arrived, far more than recordkeepers could track. The event was disqualified. Bacon, maple syrup, ice hockey. Which country?
    2. Pond’s just lost a legal battle against competitor Beiersdorf for disparaging their cream. Salespeople in mall had asked customers to compare Pond’s cream to an unlabelled one in a distinctive dark-blue tin. Unfair, but familiar. Name the cream.
    3. Rakesh Sharma did it in 1984. Entrepreneur and pilot Gopichand Thotakura will do it next. He’ll travel abroad Jeff Bezons’s Blue Origin’s New Shepard-25, reach the Karman line the return. No souvenir stands. No selfie spots. Where’s he off to?
    4. X is an 1850 book by Charles Dickens. X is the name of an 80s comedian and musician. X is also the stage name of a celebrity magician who is now accused of sexual misconduct by several women, some as young as 15. No tricks, no catch. Just give X.
    5. Ghanian Forestry student, Abubaker Tahiru, set a new Guinness World Record for hugging 1,123 of them in an hour. That’s 19 every minute. India’s Chipko activists have hugged more, for longer, in tougher circumstances. what were they all hugging?
    6. South East Asia’s biggest fraud has resulted in a rare death sentence for a woman. Truong My Lan, embezzled $12.5 billion, (equivalent to 6% of the nation’s 2023 GDP) over several years. Pho Shame! Banh her from appealing. Which country?
    7. The US is re-classifying it as a less dangerous drug. Thailand legalised it in 2022 but may roll back that decision. Take a leaf from Uruguay’s book; they legalised it in 2013. Smoke out Indonesia; users are jailed for 20 years there. What?
    8. This country is home to the world’s longest road without a bend. You can drive 256km, over two hours, without making a turn. This country also put on a swimsuit fashion show, rare for a culture where women do not expose their faces. Where?
    9. They connected in 2002, While shooting the awful film Gigli. They set a date, backed out, and split in 2004. They married other people, and broke up too. In 2021, they reunited, even wed. Now they’re splitting again. Name one or both of Bennifer.
    10. South Korea’s Space Out competition just had its 10th edition. The 117 contestants, picked from 4,000 applications, were quiet and claim. They were expected to maintain a stable heart rate for 90 minutes while doing which de-stressing activity?

    Current Affairs Quiz Part 4 : Topics Covered

    So, guys through this blog post Current Affairs Quiz Part 4, we covered some topics from further mentioned topics. Such as – Indian Politics, International Politics, International Relations, Sports, Environment, Economics, Information and Technology, Science, Medicine, Climate, Books, Authors, Awards, History, News, Entertainment, Automobiles, Government Documents etc.

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