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    English Current Affairs Quiz Part 7

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    In this blog we will talk about Current Affairs Quiz Part 7 and as we all know what is the importance of Current Affairs / Current Events in any government / competitive examination. It comes under the General Awareness partition of the examination. Now, we observed that every person have very busy schedule in today’s time. Even students are facing a hectic schedule of school/college and tuition classes. That’s why, it is a little bit difficult to take out time separately to read a book or newspaper to cover Current Affairs Quiz Part 7. So in the view of this problem, SarkaariBharti.in thought for solving it in an easy way.

    As a result, we created this website. So that, we can provide you the Current Affairs Quiz Part 7 and the upcoming days in an easy and uninterrupted manner through this website. Here’s we randomly bring 8 to 10 questions from the last week on daily basis. Which cover all aspects of current affairs / current events happening around us. such as politics, news, international events, etc.

    Current Affairs Quiz Part 7

    Why We Should Read Daily Current Affairs Quiz Part 7

    If you read these questions at daily basis. then you will be able to answer all the questions related to Current Affairs Quiz Part 7 and all current affairs coming in any government competitive exam. By using this website you can strengthen your knowledge of current affairs. Because we keep updating all the current affairs here in question format for your better practice.

    Current Affairs Quiz Part 7 – Daily Updates of 2024

    1. It’s festival season in the UK and, each year, over 2.5 lakh Xs end up in the landfill after the summer. Decathlon just launched their No X Left Behind campaign, In which the French sporting company will buyback Xs, refurbish, clean and resell them. Give X.
    2. Diljit Dosanjh was the first Punjabi artist to appear on the Tonight Show. But another artist was the first Indian to appear on the show, playing the bass for Willow Smith. She’s a prodigy, a former member of AR Rahman’s Band, and she just released her solo debut album, Who?
    3. The stretch, Hummer, Studebaker, Lincoln and Cadillac One are all varieties of a luxury sedan. Think long-wheelbase, extra legroom and an intercom system to speak to the driver. Putin just gifted Kim Jong Un a Russian-built Aurus. What kind of car is it?
    4. Their supporters have disrupted the BAFTAs, British Grand Prix, and Wimbledon; glued themselves to a Van Gogh and a Vermeer. They recently vandalised Stonehenge and tried to spray paint Taylor Swift’s private jet. Give the group’s name or their urgent message.
    5. No one died, but the Amorphophallus titanum at the Kew Gardens just bloomed. People went to get a whiff of it. At 10 ft. tall, the Sumatran native is the tallest flower in the world. It’s also the stinkiest. Give its common name or what it smells like.
    6. Kinetic dance floors, recyclable LED wristbands, solar power, a tree planted for every ticket sold, sustainable aviation fuel, EVs and public transportation. They’ve cut touring emissions done by 59%. Which British band is trying to Fix You and their carbon footprint?
    7. Sona opened three years ago in New York with an Indian puja. ‘National Jiju’ suggested its name. But his wife pulled out last year, after a rumoured rift with co-founder Maneesh Goyal. The restaurant will serve its last plate on June 30. Who co-founded Sona?
    8. Limburg an der Lahn, a town in Germany, has just voted to exterminate 700 of these birds. The town’s council will enlist a neck-snapping falconer to get the job done. They might be the rats of the sky, but this is certainly a coo. Which bird?
    9. This 95-year-old American linguistics professor has not died of a stroke. That was a rumour, a hoax. You could say it was manufactured consent. The New Statesman even published in obituary. But his wife Valeria confirmed that he’s still alive. Who is he?
    10. Cricketer Smriti Mandhana become the first Indian woman to hit two back-to-back ODI centuries. With a total of seven ODI centuries, she has also equalled the record of which legendary cricketer with most ODI 100s by an Indian woman?

    Current Affairs Quiz Part 7 : Topics Covered

    So, guys through this blog post Current Affairs Quiz Part 7, we covered some topics from further mentioned topics. Such as – Indian Politics, International Politics, International Relations, Sports, Environment, Economics, Information and Technology, Science, Medicine, Climate, Books, Authors, Awards, History, News, Entertainment, Automobiles, Government Documents etc.

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