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    English Current Affairs Quiz Part 6

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    In this blog we will talk about Current Affairs Quiz Part 6 and as we all know what is the importance of Current Affairs / Current Events in any government / competitive examination. It comes under the General Awareness partition of the examination. Now, we observed that every person have very busy schedule in today’s time. Even students are facing a hectic schedule of school/college and tuition classes. That’s why, it is a little bit difficult to take out time separately to read a book or newspaper to cover Current Affairs Quiz Part 6. So in the view of this problem, SarkaariBharti.in thought for solving it in an easy way.

    As a result, we created this website. So that, we can provide you the Current Affairs Quiz Part 6 and the upcoming days in an easy and uninterrupted manner through this website. Here’s we randomly bring 8 to 10 questions from the last week on daily basis. Which cover all aspects of current affairs / current events happening around us. such as politics, news, international events, etc.

    Current Affairs Quiz Part 6

    Why We Should Read Daily Current Affairs Quiz Part 6

    If you read these questions at daily basis. then you will be able to answer all the questions related to Current Affairs Quiz Part 6 and all current affairs coming in any government competitive exam. By using this website you can strengthen your knowledge of current affairs. Because we keep updating all the current affairs here in question format for your better practice.

    Current Affairs Quiz Part 6 – Daily Updates of 2024

    1. This option was introduced in 2013. In 2019, it got over 51,000 votes from Bihar’s Gopalganj, A record that was broken this year in Indore, which registered 2.2 lakh votes, the highest in any Lok Sabha constituency. If you voted, give the last option on the EVM Electronic Voting Machine.
    2. The Chang’e-6 landed in the Apollo Basin on June 1, collected samples with a scoop and drill, and started its journey home, But not before tagging the surface with a mark that resemble the Chinese character Zhong, meaning China. Where did Chang’e-6 go?
    3. The UN chief Antonio Guterres is trying to tell us something. After we faced the hottest July ever last year, He said that the “era of global boiling has arrived”. As the world hit 12 straight months of record-high heat., He now says we’re on a “highway to hell”. FITB.
    4. It can be AI-generated. photographic or animated, as long as it’s consensually produced and properly labelled. Users under 18 can’t view these posts. Formalising a policy that was in play before Twitter was rebranded, What is X allowing users to share?
    5. PetroChina was first reached this valuation in 2007, followed by Apple in 2017. By 2023, Apple’s valuation tripled, followed by Microsoft and most recently, the chip maker Nvidia. Aramco and Alphabet could be future members of which hallowed club?
    6. It’s pride month, and six (seven if you count Earth) out of the solar system’s eight planets marched to one side of the sun and where visible on Earth. It’s not a rate as we think. It happens every few years. What is it called when more than three planets align?
    7. Chandigarh is the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana. Since its formation in 2014. Telangana too shared a capital with Andhra Pradesh. Now, while Andhra Pradesh decides between Amravati or a three-city capital. Which city is the sole capital of Telangana?
    8. He is the GOAT of the Indian football. He’s been playing for 20 years, represented India in 146 matches, scored 94 goals (the most goals by an Indian), and has now hung us his #11 jersey after the world cup qualifier match against Kuwait. Who?
    9. Negros Island in the Philippines was evacuated after Mt Kanlaon erupted, sending a hot plume kilometres into the sky. And then it rained, cooling the volcanic material and making it flow like wet concrete, accumulating debris and expanding volume. What is the phenomenon called?
    10. This political party won 29 seats in General Elections, of which 11 are women. They include a former corporate executive, medical doctors and actors, The party’s leader, also a woman, is the only female chief minister in India. Which?

    Current Affairs Quiz Part 6 : Topics Covered

    So, guys through this blog post Current Affairs Quiz Part 6, we covered some topics from further mentioned topics. Such as – Indian Politics, International Politics, International Relations, Sports, Environment, Economics, Information and Technology, Science, Medicine, Climate, Books, Authors, Awards, History, News, Entertainment, Automobiles, Government Documents etc.

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